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BUKI School

Advanced level

Advanced levels:

  • Preparation for ZNO
  • Preparation for EMI
  • Toefl/ Ielts
  • Interview for the Polish card
  • TestDaF tests

60 min

90 min

  • Good start

    8 lessons

    • 1-1 lessons with a tutor
    • 60 minutes

    358 uah / lesson

  • A package for 1 month

    12 lessons

    • 1-1 lessons with a tutor
    • 60 minutes

    338 uah / lesson

    + 1 free lesson

  • The most popular choice

    24 lessons

    • 1-1 lessons with a tutor
    • 60 minutes

    324 uah / lesson

    + 1 free lesson

  • The best price

    48 lessons

    • 1-1 lessons with a tutor
    • 60 minutes

    298 uah / lesson

    + 1 free lesson

  • Lessons for the whole year

    96 lessons

    • 1-1 lessons with a tutor
    • 60 minutes

    248 uah / lesson

    + 1 free lesson

  • Packages do not expire

    A bought lesson package does not expire, study when you want.

  • Free bonus lesson

    Get a free lesson as a gift when buying packages of 12, 24, 48 or 96 lessons.


  • What are the payment methods?

    You can pay by card or through a link that you can find in the student's account or ask the manager to send it to the mail. We can also issue an invoice to your data or your company's data.
  • Can I get a refund?

    Yes. You can contact the manager and fill out the application form provided by the manager and issue a refund for unused classes. Your request will be processed within 7 days.
  • What stocks do you have?

    Yes, from time to time we run promotions. The current promotion is to get additional free lessons to the packages, provided you pay within 24 hours of the trial lesson.
    • 12 lessons + 1 free lesson
    • 20 lessons + 2 free classes
    • 50 lessons + 3 free classes
  • I can't pay for the whole course right now, but I want to study, what should I do? Do you have payment in installments?

    Unfortunately, we do not currently have this option. However, we are working to make it available to our students.
  • Is it possible to pay in dollars, euros and other currencies?

    Yes. You can pay in any currency through your personal account.
  • If I want to study two or more subjects at school, is there any discount?

    Yes. You can split one selected package between two or more items.
  • What payment methods are available on the site and is it possible to make a purchase without a bank card?

    On the site, you can pay with a card. You can also pay by transfer to a card or top up a card through a terminal.