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Do you know English well and are you looking for additional income? Or maybe you are interested in a full-time job? Then you've definitely come to the right place! Due to the large number of students, we are actively looking for English teachers.

  • 1. Only individual lessons with students, at school levels
  • 2. Teaching English online with flexible hours
  • 3. Minimum12 hours per week
  • 4. Additional income 7,000 - 19,000 UAH per month
  • 5. Ongoing support from school managers
  • 6. Duration of classes up to 60 minutes
  • 7. Payments twice a month

Our students' reviewsThe posted reviews came from students registered on the website who used the tutor's educational services

540 students' reviews about BUKI School

Дмитро Н.stars

Дмитро Н.Instagram

BUKI School

Заняття дуже сподобалися, Ольга надійний та досвідчений спеціаліст в своїй справі, завжди підтримує комунікацію та зрозуміло доносить інформацію. Ольга, не тільки досвідчений викладач а ще й гарний співрозмовник, що на мою думку також дуже важливо. Я би залюбки продовжив заняття з англійської, але основною метою було підготовка до ЗНО, з якою ми справилися) Результат досягнутий на сто відсотків!) А вам бажаю як найбільше таких спеціалістів! В майбутньому буду рекомендувати вашу школу друзям, якщо будуть бажаючі!)

Аліна В.stars

Аліна В.Facebook

BUKI School

Занимаюсь больше полугода. Удобная система проведения уроков, можно легко перенести или поменять расписание. Преподаватель подстраивает программу под пожелания.

Ангеліна Бstars

Ангеліна БFacebook

BUKI School

Дуже задоволена першим місяцем занять. З кожним уроком все більше подобається англійська мова. Одним словом я в захваті від школи BukiSchool)

Feedback from tutors

Oksana K.stars

Oksana K.Instagram

BUKI School

I have only positive impression, friendly and loyal managers and excellent work, I have been working in this school from the first day of its creation, when there were 9 of us, and I did not believe at all that someone would want to study with me, but now 2 years have passed and I I say thank you to the school for a large number of very different students in different countries and with different characters and levels of language proficiency, this experience was invaluable, it is very nice to see how the school grows, develops, I grew up with it, I am infinitely grateful to the methodologists and managers who are constantly on connections and do everything possible so that the student finds his teacher, thanks to BUKI and BUKI School for the opportunity and experience.

Svetlana B.stars

Svetlana B.Instagram

BUKI School

I have been working at the BUKI School as a German teacher for several months now and I am quite satisfied. During all this time I have always had only good impressions from clients. Administrators help to find students, taking into account my opinion and time load. If I say that I cannot take new students, the school administration does not force them to take more and more, but simply waits and politely asks my temporary opportunities. If there are any misunderstandings or force majeure, then with the help of school managers you can easily and simply agree with the client, explain the situation and find a common language. The customer base here is very extensive and everyone can find their students. During this entire period, I have not had any negative experiences at this school.

Valeria L.stars

Valeria L.Instagram

BUKI School

I have been working with the school since February, I have only positive emotions from cooperation, they will help you in any situation, they will sort it out and do not leave you alone, a cool work schedule, that is, when it is convenient, then you work. Thanks to the school I found new wonderful people, who for the most part were my students, and communication continued after graduation. BUKI School is a great opportunity to improve myself, even without a diploma, thanks to it I improved myself as a teacher and as an applicant for education, because teaching someone you yourself learn new things, thanks to the team for the great opportunity to realize yourself and show that a teacher can make good money and be successful.

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