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Why you should teach with BUKI School

  • Get students in the first days of work at school

    Do what you love without wasting time looking for students.

  • Guaranteed and timely payments 2 times a month

    Earn extra money per student with a dynamic rate.

  • Improve your teaching skills with recommendations from a methodologist

    Our curators will provide you with constant support, educational materials and webinars.

  • Work online with a flexible schedule, spending a few hours a day

    You yourself will determine what hours you are ready to teach.

  • We provide ready materials for English lessons

    Choose the student's level, an interesting topic and download a lesson plan. Preparing for the lesson will take a minimum of time and effort.

  • We provide access to the course for a deeper understanding of the teaching methodology

    Take a short course from our methodologists and get to know modern techniques in teaching.

Being a tutor at BUKI School is

  • Work together with like-minded people
  • Attend professional lectures
  • Get help from a methodologist in organizing lessons
  • Helping students learn about their subject
  • Constantly receive support from curators
  • Be sure of additional income

What we believe in

  • We are sure that every person should have access to knowledge and quality education

  • We aim to introduce motivated students and teachers to establish a productive learning process

  • We care about the result, so our methodologists help teachers in preparing classes

  • We believe that together we help in creating a responsible and educated generation

How to become a teacher at BUKI School?

  • 1. Fill out the form on the website
  • 2. Take a short quiz on working conditions
  • 3. Receive an invitation to an online interview
  • 4. Complete the test task
  • 5. Become a teacher at BUKI School and get your first student in just a few days!

We have teachers who went from the moment of filling out the form to the first client in just 1 day!



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What our teachers say about us

I was very pleased to cooperate with you. Good managers, friendly, positive. I really liked the last idea of updating earnings when increasing the number of lessons with a student. Organization of webinars and resource support. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to feel part of a great team!

Valery G.


The school and its concept are great! Constant contact with managers, convenient premium zoom, the opportunity to work with students of any level and age.

Kateryna Z.


I am extremely grateful for the experience of working at the school. A wonderful team, polite managers, intelligent students and a convenient schedule created a truly unforgettable work atmosphere, which I always enjoyed.

Sofia K.


The impressions are only positive: friendly and loyal managers and excellent work. I worked at the school from the first day of its creation, when we were still 9, and I did not believe that anyone would want to study with me, but now 2 years have passed - and I thank the school for the large number of the most diverse students from different countries, with different characters and levels of language proficiency. It is very nice to see how the school is growing, developing, and I have grown with it! I am infinitely grateful to the methodologists and managers, who are constantly in touch and do everything possible so that the student finds his teacher. Thanks to BUKI School for the opportunities and experience!

Oksana K.


Working here is a pleasure. All materials are provided, managers quickly find students and take on problematic issues, methodologists give valuable advice on how to improve teaching. In general, a pleasant atmosphere and working conditions.

Anastasia P.


It was my first work experience at a school, and I am very pleased that I accepted the offer to become a teacher. Managers are pleasant to communicate with, always responded to my requests for help. The tips from the methodologist improved my level of teaching.

Kateryna R.


Thank you very much for the opportunity to work in a team with true professionals in their field. All my students are really amazing! Thank you for the opportunity to work, I will recommend the school to all my friends)

Iryna S.


I am very grateful to the school for the good working conditions. Extremely friendly team and atmosphere. I always received a quick and clear answer to the questions that arose. Very nice managers who are always ready to help. This is a useful and productive period for me, I wish the school even greater prosperity and improvement, motivated students and success in work :)

Lilia T.


Cooperation is great, there is nothing to add) Everyone is loyal, payments are on time, help with materials and advice, managers respond quickly, if you make a request, you can expect understanding and help. I grew up teaching here and met great people. Thank you 🤗

Sophia U.


Anna Ch.


Elizaveta G.


Kateryna Z.


Natalia R.


Alexandra V.


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